Great style, positive energy and good vibes. She is the sound designer of the most chic and exclusive parties. Deeply connected with luxury, fashion, lifestyle and design, she makes dj sets for openings, cocktails, presentations and glamorous parties. She performed in America, Europe, Japan, Mars and Jupiter plus dancefloors in other galaxies that you haven’t heard of.

Her music is really cool and eclectic. She customises it depending on the mood of the party, the different situations and the people attending. She spaces from house, deep-house, electro, soul, pop, chill-out, jazz and all the hits of the ‘60s, ’70s, 80’s and ‘90s.

Music has always been the big love of her life, it’s in her roots and history - Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated one of his most famous works, the “Moonlight Sonata”, to her ancestor Countess Giulietta Guicciardi - but becoming a professional Dj for Niki was totally unexpected. After completing her University studies she began her career in journalism and to celebrate the success of passing the State exam she made herself a present: a console. By chance, in october 2011, she played for the first time in Venice at her cousin’s party: the opening following restoration of Palazzo Rocca Contarini Corfù dagli Scrigni (XIV century), a family property overlooking Canal Grande. She made guests enjoy and dance till late, managing to maintain the party alive for hours. Since then  the adventure began! And so she made herself another present, her beloved Pink Swarovski headphones expecially customized in Japan.

Niki is still active in journalism. Among her several collaborations,she runs the music page of Men’s Health magazine in Italy.

As a Tastemaker she monthly contributes by giving her random suggestions and tune selections.

Baroness Nìcola Winspeare Guicciardi